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The Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle is a non-profit society dedicated to the advancement of Aboriginal recreation and sport in the Yukon. We do this through a variety of programs to increase participation and skill levels and to increase awareness. We are the sport governing body for Arctic Sports, Dene Games, Archery and Lacrosse.


The Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle operates by, and promote the following values: 

  • Aboriginal Culture and Traditions
    We integrate Aboriginal culture and traditions in our administration and operations. We advocate the uniqueness of Yukon First Nation culture
  • Respect
    We foster listening, we let everyone speak, we promote equality (Gender, race, age, etc...), we respect each other’s values and benefits.

  • Holistic Approach
    We deliver programs addressing the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects. We promote healthy life styles in Yukon communities.
  • Fair Play
    We promote sportsmanship, playing by the rules and having fun.
  • Trust & Honesty
    We believe in open communication, transparency and team approach. 

Board of Directors of Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle

  • President – Gordon Reed
  • New Vice President – Nyla Klugie-Migwans 
  • Treasurer - Karen Olito
  • Director – Dan Poelman
  • Director - Georgina Sydney
  • New Director - Nelson Lepine
  • Director - Ross King
  • Director - Sandra Roach

YASC History

The Yukon Indigenous Games Steering Committee (YIGSC) was formed in 1990 coinciding with the first North American Indigenous Games (NAIG). This committee was formed to assist in developing Team Yukon for the 1990 NAIG games in Edmonton. The committee was made up of volunteer board members and was ran through the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre until 2003 helping organize Team Yukon for 4 sets of Games.

In 2001 a Yukon Aboriginal Sport Development Office Interim Steering Committee was formed to assist in forming an Aboriginal Sport Development Office that would open in 2002. This office would look after Aboriginal sport development in Yukon and would build Team Yukon to attend future NAIG’s. The first employee was hired beginning a new era of Aboriginal Sport Development in Yukon.

In 2003 the YIGSC and the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Development Office Interim Steering Committee amalgamated and formed what is now the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle (YASC). The mandate remains the same and the Board is designed to represent all of Yukon. YASC has taken on a number of existing roles which include: Team Yukon development for NAIG, Traditional Games Development, sport development clinics.

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Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle 

202 D Strickland Street,
Whitehorse Yukon, Y1A-2J8

Phone:  (867)668-2840
e-mail: info@yasc.ca

Executive Director
Gael Marchand

Office and Communication Officer
Heidi Bob

Aboriginal Sport Participation Manager
Rose Inglangasuk

Sport Coordinators

Eric Porter (Archery, Arctic Sports)

Leslie Kramer (Archery)

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