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In-School Program (K-12) Minimize

Over the past years we have delivered a very successful In-School program that has reached 90% of students in grades 6-12.

Our instructors concentrate on the basic elements the allow the youth to be successful in their attempts of the Arctic Sports. Each year we try to reach every school in the Yukon to promote these exciting and cultural rich sports.

I f you are a a teacher or an educator in a school anywhere in the Yukon, feel free to contact the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle for information to have Arctic Sports and Dene Games activities coming into your school !

K-12 Curriculum:

The Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle has developed a curriculum for Arctic Sports and Dene Games so Physical Education teachers can incorporate these games into their lesson plans for the year. The curriculum focus on logical development steps that enable students easy transition from basic traditional sports to the highly technical traditional sports we see in the Arctic Winter Games.

Other Free Resources available for teacher:

- Sport equipments (kick stands etc.)

- Resource books

- Resource DVDs.

- Technical posters


Contact us:

Phone: 668-2840

Email: sportscoordinator@yasc.ca

Arctic Sports in Schools in 2012 Minimize

Here are all the schools that had our Arctic Sports, Lacrosse & Archery program in 2019 so far:


Takhini Elementary School
Grade K to 7
Polar Games
1 Day


Takhini Elementary School  Grade K to 7 3 days
Jack Hulland Elementary School
 Grade K to 7 3 days
JV Clark(Mayo)–Elementary School
 Grade K to 7 3 days
 FH Collins – Secondary school
Porter Creek - Secondary School
 Grade 8 - 12
 Grade 8 - 12
1 days
4 Days


Porter Creek - Secondary School  Grade 8 to 12 1 days
Whitehorse Elementary School
Holy Family Elementary School
Grey Mtn Primary Elementary 
Christ The King Elementary 
 Grade 5 to 7
 Grade K to 7
 Grade K to 3
 Grade K to 6
4 days
3 days
1 day
1 Day

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