BEGINNER ARCHERY Learn the basics of archery including warming up, safety, rules of the range, basic form, shooting techniques, how to score keep! 

INTERMEDIATE ARCHERY Once you have learnt all the basics of archery, the instructors will teach more technique. You may try out other styles of bows, or specialize in just one type.

ADVANCED ARCHERY After completing the beginner and intermediate classes of archery, you'll be ready for our advanced course!

ADULT ARCHERY All levels welcome to this adult archery session - if you are either starting out or want to learn more about your archery equipment then sign up!

Our registration for Winter Archery will be opening in November! sign up here

The locations we are currently using are 95 Lewis Blvd in Riverdale and Takhini Elementary School. 

If you have any questions, please call us 867-668-2840 or email

In School Program (Grade 4 - 12)

If you are a a teacher or an educator in a school anywhere in the Yukon, feel free to contact the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle for information to have archery coming into your school ! We can send NCCP certified Archery coaches to your school with all the equipment.

If you have ressourced qualified persons to conduct archery, we can lend you equipment to conduct archery activities.

Equipment available for teachers:

           - Bows
           - Arrows
           - Quivers
           - Net
           - Animal Targets