The North American Indigenous Games 2023 will host competitions in 16 sports over seven days and within 21 venues across Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Dartmouth and Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia and bring together more than 5000 athletes, coaches and team staff from 756 Indigenous Nations celebrating, sharing and reconnecting through sport and culture with the help of 3000 volunteers. NAIG 2023 will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia from July 15-23.

NAIG is an international multi-sport event, involving North American Indigenous athletes from Canada and the USA, staged intermittently since 1990.  The Games are governed by the North American Indigenous Games Council, a council of representatives from 13 provinces and territories in Canada and 13 regions in the United States.

NAIG promotes and encourages the cultural, spiritual and traditional values of the peoples it is representing. In their activities they promote and encourage holistic individual development that assures mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth. The NAIG is now exclusively an event for youth athletes aged approximately 13- to 19 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the age eligibility for NAIG 2023?

Athletes must be between the ages of 12 years old to 19 years old to be a part of Team Yukon for NAIG.

The age eligibility for athletes for NAIG 2023 will be:

19U - 2004 and later

16U - 2007 and later

14U - 2009 and later

Do you need to be Indigenous to participate?

Yes, you must be Indigenous (First Nation, Metis, Inuit) to participate and have a card to confirm.

What if an athlete is Indigenous but doesn't have a card?

You may provide approved genealogy to confirm that you are Indigenous.

How will we know about tryouts and where will they be posted?

We will post all updates regarding tryouts on the YASC Website, Facebook and Instagram, as more information becomes available.

What are the COVID-19 restrictions for tryouts?

All Team Yukon NAIG tryouts will follow the Public Health Orders set in place at the time of the tryouts.

When will tryouts take place?

Tryouts will take place during the spring, summer & early fall of 2022. Please stayed tuned for more details and information.

Can athletes tryout for more than 1 sport?

Yes, athletes can try out for as many sports as they would like. However, they can only participate in 1 sport at the NAIG. 

Do athletes need to be vaccinated to participate?

Being fully vaccinated is strongly encouraged. But as it currently stands with air travel, passengers are required to be vaccinated.


Can I be a coach/chaperone?

Applications for coaches/chaperones will be put out on our website - Date TBD

I was selected as a coach/chaperone for NAIG 2020, am I automatically selected for NAIG 2023?

No. We will be accepting all new applications for coaches and chaperones as this is a new Games cycle.

Can I coach my child?

No. Parents and Grandparents may not be a coach for a team their child/grandchild is on.

How old does someone need to be to be considered as a coach/chaperone?

You must be 18 years or older to apply and be considered for a coach/chaperone for NAIG.


If my child qualified for NAIG 2020, do they qualify for NAIG 2023?

No, athletes will follow current age guidelines and must try out (even if they qualified for 2020 NAIG) - these are new Games as determined by NAIG Council with updated rules and requirements.


What are the COVID-19 restrictions for NAIG 2023?

NAIG 2023 will follow the Public Health Orders set in place by Canada and Nova Scotia at the time of the Games.

Can my child stay with me when we get to Halifax for NAIG?

No, all athletes must stay with their team in accommodations provided by the host.

Do athletes/coach/chaperones need to be vaccinated to participate?

At this point being fully vaccinated is strongly encouraged. This however could change. We follow the rules set out by the Host committee in Nova Scotia.