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Canada Games Legacy Fund

Purpose of the Fund

To develop and support individual Aboriginal athletes, living in the Yukon, in their development by supporting and offsetting costs related to travel at a Territorial, Provincial or National level. The intent of this fund is to assist athletes showing commitment to their sport annually and to encourage participation in competitions and/or training camps by Aboriginal athletes. This program is designed to support the development of Aboriginal athletes by helping to ensure that they have the right skills and opportunities to achieve their goals.

Eligible Applicants
  • Be of Aboriginal Ancestry OR be of Yukon First Nations Ancestry

  • Be living and or Resident of Yukon

  • Age 25 and under

  • Proof of official selection to competitions ​

 Important Announcement: Enhancements to Our Legacy Fund for Aboriginal Athletes are Now in Place as of March 12, 2024! Please read new policies carefully! 

Documents and Application Form
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