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Over the past years, we have delivered a very successful In-School program that has reached 90% of students in grades 1-12.

Our instructors concentrate on the basic elements that allows the youth to be successful in their attempts at Arctic Sports.

Each year we try to reach every school in the Yukon to promote these exciting and cultural rich sports. 

If you are a a teacher or an educator in a school anywhere in the Yukon, feel free to contact us for Arctic Sports activities coming into your school !

K-12 Phys Ed Curriculum

YASC has developed a curriculum for Arctic Sports directed at Physical Education teachers to incorporate these games into their lesson plans for the year. The curriculum focus on logical development steps that enable students easy transition from basic traditional sports to technical and traditional specialities of Arctic Sports.

Other Free Resources available for teachers:​

  • Resource books

  • Resource DVDs.

  • Technical posters

Arctic Sports Inter-school Championship

YASC hosts an annual championships in Arctic Sports in November/December from grade 2 to 12. 

All Yukon schools and communities are encouraged to bring their students to this large event that gathers over 300 youth every year.This event is also a stepping-stone to the Arctic Winter Games Arctic Sport competition every two years.

This year marks the 12th Annual Arctic Sports Championship and will be held at the Canada Games Centre from November 29th-December 1st, 2023! 

Contact AS Championship Coordinator: Rose Inglangasuk at or call 867-335-4051 for more information! 

This event is sponsored and supported by :

Rotary Club of Whitehorse
In School Programs
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