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The Sport for Social Development in Indigenous Communities (SSDIC)

The Government of Canada announced in 2019 about their investments over the next five years to expand sport and physical activities in Indigenous communities through the Sport for Social Development in Indigenous Communities fund. SSDIC component reflects that the Government of Canada considers sport to be a powerful agent for social change and innovation and can achieve key social development outcomes in Indigenous communities. It is also a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)’s Calls to Action, which identified four key social development needs of Indigenous communities. SSIDC is distinct from sport development as it is focused on the achievement of these specific social development outcomes. This component offers a flexible program that can be tailored to address the self-identified social objectives of individual Indigenous communities.


The SSDIC component funds projects that will contribute to the following four social development outcomes: 

  • improved health; 

  • improved education; 

  • improved employability; and 

  • reduced at-risk behavior

This fund offers an affordable and exciting new opportunity to grow sport and activity in the territory and YASC is currently offering Archery and Arctic Sports Programming, so if this is something that your First Nations, including delivery organizations working in collaboration with Indigenous communities would like to facilitate or would like to have assistance with starting a new sport program.

Please contact us 867-668-2840 or email

Archery Workshop in the town of Teslin, home to the Teslin Inland Tlingit First Nation. The program was instructed by Jose Martinez Amoedo, who has been known for his exceptional craftsmanship throughout North America. The participants were taught introduction on how to make a plains style quiver out of hide and on the second day, how to make arrows. They were also taught on how to safely and responsibly hunt big and small animals, with a bow and arrow

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